YOUR DEEP VIBE, How You Can Use It For Your Favor?

There isn’t a single person on this planet who doesn’t want to feel good. Unfortunately, most of us are in situations where the high vibrations of toxic energies have succumbed – including drama, blame, and the great soul sucker known as fear. Sometimes it can feel like we are walking through a minefield of conflict, making it hard to keep your head clear and your heart open.

So how do we return to our natural high vibrational state – that state of being that is inherently positive, loving, emotionally and spiritually connected?

Many people on their transformation journey wonder how to protect their garden of well-being from intruders. No matter how hard we put our heart and soul into it, life throws us some curve balls—including gossiping co-workers, chronically angry relatives, and angry strangers on the street. While it’s impossible to avoid them completely, there are some simple things we can do to maintain our inner peace.

Don’t judge

Most of the time, bad behavior stems from deep insecurities. People who participate in these activities often don’t feel good, so they consciously or unconsciously urge against feeling better, even if it’s temporary. Another thing to keep in mind is that some people indulge in bad habits like gossip in order to connect with others – psychologists believe this is a form of social cohesion that occurs when we let our guard down because We are friendly. like’. “
You can nip bad habits in the bud by choosing not to judge people who exhibit low vibrations. Instead, remind yourself that this person doesn’t know better and may be trying to meet their needs in unhealthy ways. You can keep your vibration high by choosing to send love and peace to others instead of judgment. You’re probably familiar with the saying, “If you point one finger at someone, three fingers will point at you.”

So even if judgment is being made against you, it is possible to reverse judgment by remembering that we tend to judge others by the judgment we make of ourselves. Acknowledge where you may need to do some inner work, and give yourself care and compassion.

Set appropriate boundaries.

You might be wondering: How do I send love to them when they look me in the face and yell? Or if they stifle the mood with constant whining?

In fact, maintaining solid boundaries is an important way to show love. For example, if someone raises their voice or tells the same downbeat story, you can politely walk away and say “Please respect that I don’t want to have this conversation.” Don’t try to justify your decision – ultimately “no” is a complete sentence .

If it’s someone who loves you, they’ll probably understand. Your willingness to work through the loss of energy may even be the catalyst to get you back on your feet or start your journey of self-transformation.

Release your victim mindset.

A few years ago, i used to be taken advantage of by somebody I thought-about to be a really smart friend. you’ll be able to bet my atmosphere instantly got significant and low. i used to be blaming this friend for my misfortune, and it drained my sense of power. I felt as a victim.

After we desire a victim, we’re not in an exceedingly powerful, high-vibe mindset. We’re therefore busy blaming others that we forget to raise ourselves however we could have contributed to true or how we will do things otherwise in the future. we have a tendency to could conjointly risk missing out on very important information; for example, if you’re somebody who gets taken advantage of a lot, this might be a symptom that you just got to fathom why you’re attracting this negative expertise once more and again.

This isn’t a reason to urge down on ourselves (the “no judgment” rule applies to us, too!). It’s some way to become aligned with the foremost positive and affectionate perception of who we are: a powerful, sceptred co-creator with the universe.
After we produce a reality during which we’re in charge, it becomes easier to forgive others (which conjointly releases the hold harmful energy has over us) and to draw in the sort of peace and goodness we all know we have a tendency to deserve.