Family psychologist – Do’s and don’ts for a good, successful family!

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Family psychiatrist and its high importance!

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Undoubtedly, we must say that the family is the most important and safest place for every human being, and at the same time the main social institution into which a person enters from the day he is born.

Therefore, the mental health of the family is very necessary and important because it can directly affect the condition and personality of each family member in society.

In fact, parents who suffer from mental and psychological problems or the so-called personality and behavior disorders pass this on to their children without their awareness, for example, imagine parents who suffer from severe depression, can these parents perform their duties towards their children well?

Because of severe depression, 100% of these parents do not have enough energy to meet their emotional needs and have a good relationship with their child, and this causes the child of this family to become depressed because of not receiving positive energy and not filling it. The emotional void that his personality can face in the long term with many challenges because there is no appropriate emotional atmosphere in the family that satisfies his soul and may push him to seek refuge outside the family to fill this void that we all know. As it is. Unfavorable events may happen to this person.

This is where the role and high importance of the family psychologist can be seen. In fact, it should be someone who can heal and transform the family situation in order to prevent very bad things from happening in the future. Family counseling acts as a social emergency and tries to identify the roots of the family’s neurological and psychological problems, find appropriate solutions, and transform the family’s emotional atmosphere. The counselor has a wide range, including children’s and adolescent counseling, matrimonial counseling, marital relationship counseling, individual counseling, and finally …

  •      For example, a family psychologist will teach you how to spend more time with your children
  •      It reminds you to be with your family more.
  •      For example, eat meals together or suggest you go for a walk after dinner to talk and read together.
  •      And know the situation.
  •      In fact, with all these suggestions and solutions, he wants to teach you to spend more time with each other and maintain your union.

In fact, it teaches parents how to treat each other in front of their children or how to love each other and make the other party grow and advance, reminding them of selflessness and teaching them how they should behave with their children. So you will understand the importance of a family psychologist with these examples more than before.

If we want to express family counseling in a simple sentence, compared to the examples we have mentioned, we must say that family counseling offers solutions so that you can enjoy a happy and peaceful life and of course a successful life and walk on its own path.

Family psychology is a science, so if we want to describe in a scientific way the duties and tasks that family counseling must perform for you, it is as follows:

  •      First, a detailed examination of family problems
  •      In the second step, find the right solution to solve these problems
  •      In the third stage, raising the level of psychological health of the family
  •      In the fourth stage, raising the quality of family relationships and providing effective solutions for a successful life
  •      In fact, the family counselor must have sufficient proficiency in developmental psychology, learning psychology, educational psychology, sociology, social sciences and anthropology to be able to demonstrate the best performance in his duties.

Now that we’ve talked about mental health, you might have a question, what does mental health mean?

We all know that people’s behaviors are shaped in the family and that a healthy family can lead to a happier and more beneficial society. The behaviors that are formed between family members are the first, most important and most influential factors on the personality of people that grow in us, and we all know that children pay attention to your behavior pattern in the family before paying attention to your words. In fact, your morals and behaviors are role models, and it is undeniable that the family has a direct influence on behaviors, mentality, beliefs, social status, financial status, thoughts, beliefs, all habits and others. the behavior of her children and adolescents. It is enough to realize through simple research that most of the delinquents grew up in families where there was no psychological health, and in fact the establishment of the family suffered from many problems.

Mental health means that the family can provide an environment so that the child and family members are away from mental problems. This serious duty is completely the responsibility of the family. If this important thing is not created, such an environment will cause both. Family and society are extremely harmful and dangerous, and today research has proven that many abnormalities and crimes in society originated from the past of people in the family.

What do we need to do to have a happy and healthy family?

  •      There must be healthy and strong communication between family members
  •      The mental and physical health of family members must be taken care of
  •      Everyone in the family must perform their duties properly according to their role
  •      All family members should know the responsibility well and act accordingly
  •      A successful family must be a good listener and take the time to listen to each other
  •      A successful family should strengthen the sense of self-confidence in each other and bring it to its highest levels
  •      A happy and successful family is one that can foster a sense of empathy and intimacy among its members
  •      If he can provide enough recognition from each other
  •      It should provide the opportunity to attend and participate in group activities
  •      A happy and good family is one that avoids blaming each other
  •      A successful and happy family is one in which the parents have a very good relationship with each other and move and talk in the same direction, and in fact they should not mediate the children.
  •      A good family should be able to respect each other’s religious and spiritual beliefs
  •      A good family should avoid insults and anger and set an example by encouraging positive behaviour
  •      A good family, in addition to being a good listener, should be able to create conditions in which it is easy to talk and not to leave this beautiful habit.
  •      A good and successful family is the family that learns all these frameworks under the guidance of a family counselor who has special experiences and skills in the field of family so as not to make any mistakes or problems.

With the explanations given, I think we have realized more than ever before the importance of family counseling. The family is considered a very important society and institution with many studies in its field. That is, experts who are active in the field of the family in various fields such as marriage, choosing a spouse, sexual problems, marital relations, emotional divorce, parenting, divorce and separation, family disputes, relations between children and parents and many other points. Studying to find useful and appropriate progress solutions every day.

According to sociologists and family psychologists, the most important issue affecting children’s behavior is their sociability.

The way parents deal with their children makes the formation of the personality of every person in the society and any abnormalities that are formed in the family are caused by these problems.

The mother plays an important role in the family, and the personality of every child in the family is greatly influenced by the mother. In addition to the mother, the father also plays an important role in raising children. The children think that their father is a very strong and strong-willed person with the ability to do hard and stressful work, which makes them think that he is a very good supporter and a great supporter for the children.

According to research conducted in families where the father plays a weak role, their children are usually deviants. In families where the father plays a strong role, the children of such families usually have excellent verbal skills and also make great progress in their education. When we say to communicate with your kids, we don’t mean that you just talk to them or listen to their words, but we do mean that you create a two-way, productive, and highly effective connection with your kids.

Knowledge of children in childhood and adolescence is one of the most important issues in education.

A series of people who do not know how to deal with their children in childhood and adolescence.

Puberty is a characteristic of adolescence that can be very difficult if you are not aware of it.

Most families do not face any problem until the sons and daughters reach puberty.

A child’s behavior changes during puberty, which is why most families face problems.

Some families believe that their children should be treated like children in adulthood, children try to act wisely, and parents, on the contrary, treat them like children.

Understanding the family has a huge impact on your child.

At this age, siblings also argue with each other, but the effects of puberty on behavior are for a short period of time.

With decent behavior and instead of a family, the child’s behavior will return to normal.

Parents have to be careful about their behavior because children get curious about some issues at an early age, which may not be good for their upbringing.

All your actions also affect children.

It is best to help people so that your child can also benefit from your goodness. When children tell their parents about their work and their child is under the supervision of the family, something happy happens to the families.

Of course, apart from observing family members bit by bit, children also memorize their words bit by bit.

Families have a great influence on children and all the words of parents affect their children.

Raising children is related to the behavior of fathers and mothers, who learn the correct methods of upbringing by referring parents to a family psychologist, and this would prevent many accidents.

When parents say any word that has a good meaning and has a good effect on children’s education, their child will grow up with a good education.

Children learn from us and benefit from us, and we must educate them better, not hold them back.

Children learn from our positive behaviors and our negative behaviors, even children care about your financial management and many other things, such as: respect others and others respect you, eat a lot, exercise a lot, and be organized and tidy. If, as a result, a child’s parents are not disciplined, one should not expect the child to be disciplined.

Or when you make a promise to your children, try to put your words into practice, because even this behavior affects your children.

But the most important point is that parents do not know how to treat their children. Some families do not want to have the same behavior with their family, that is, if their family is a strict family, they try not to be too strict and vice versa, the children are left alone.


A healthy family should be such that there is freedom of expression so that people can express their feelings easily. They can negotiate and discuss different issues and points of view, or they can communicate clearly with each other. Compatibility is very important in a family and should be given special attention. Feeling confident is another topic that must be seen in a successful family. In a successful family, needs must be provided and these needs must be provided, there must be accountability in this family, and most importantly, the rules must be such that family members do not feel like they are in a barracks, in fact, the family should be a safe place full of love and intimacy.

Many bitter events may happen in life which we must have the ability to deal with and overcome in the best possible way, we must be able to convey good feeling to each other, all these issues can be resolved by the presence of a highly skilled family expert and counsellor. It is easy, in fact, that a family counselor is someone who can put all these elements and frameworks in ways that are simple for us like a puzzle to reduce the risks and problems that can threaten our family. Having a family counselor can create the best possible conditions in a family and it is a great blessing to have a good family.

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