Parenting And The Role Of Parents In The Child’s Growth And Success

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Parenting is one of the most important topics that all parents should acquire the necessary information and skills. From encouraging the child to work in school and sports to modeling values in the child’s growing age, all topics are related to parenting.

Parents have a significant impact on the lives of their children. So if you plan to improve your parenting skills, always remember that children act like you in every field and follow your behavior pattern. So it doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is how you act.

Although the role of parents in raising children is very prominent. But parents are not the only influential people in their child’s life. Especially after children enter school and start interacting with the whole world, the number of these influencers gradually increases. Therefore, the formation of the child’s personality in the first years of his life will be very important in his future and his influence on the society.

Most parents work to give their children the best possible start. But the important thing here is that parents should understand that children enter the world with their own temperament, personality and goals. Therefore, although different parenting methods can affect their personality. But in general, each child will have his own personality traits, which are unpredictable most of the time.

In the meantime, although parents may want to lead their child to a specific path. But the truth is that a parent’s job is to be the interface through which the child can communicate with the world. Finally, with the help of proper parenting methods, the child should be ready for complete independence and have the ability to follow any path he chooses.

In a rapidly changing world, parenting can be a transient and changing subject. Although today, parenting has become a competitive method in some privileged circles. But the developmental needs of a child as determined by science are relatively constant:

  • safety
  • organize
  • Support
  • Love

How to be a good parent?

To be effective parenting, it is not enough to try to protect our child from obvious dangers such as abuse, neglect, or abuse. In fact, the National Academy of Sciences identifies four primary parenting responsibilities for parents. These responsibilities include:

  • Protecting the health and safety of children
  • Improving children’s emotional feelings
  • Teaching social skills
  • Preparing children intellectually

Studies show that children who learn to adapt best are raised by parents who find the best way to combine intimacy and sensitivity with clear behavioral expectations.

The four C’s that are very important in parenting are:

  • Care means giving importance (showing acceptance and affection)
  • consistency means stability (maintaining a stable environment)
  • choices (allowing the child to develop individual independence)
  • consequences, which means its consequences (application of selective consequences, positive or negative)

What are unhealthy parenting methods?

Naturally, not all parenting methods are in the best interest of the child. Here, a discussion is raised under the title of “excessive care” that can make children weak and helpless in adulthood and deprive them of the ability to deal with severe deficiencies.

One style of “overcare” is known as “helicopter parenting,” in which children are over-supervised. In this method, they try to keep them away from harmful ways. Therefore, the child is not able to solve problems as an adult.

Another term called “parenting with a snow plow” is another unhealthy parenting method. In this method, possible obstacles are removed from the path of the child. Both of these styles can negatively affect a person’s future independence, mental health, and child’s self-esteem.

Of course, there is also a style called “very weak parenting”. Research shows that lack of parental involvement often leads to poor behavioral outcomes in children.

This problem, in turn, can be because it encourages young people to rely too much on their partner. Interestingly, overly harsh or authoritarian parenting styles can also have many negative effects. So having a balance is the best solution.

Finally, parents should try to be loving but firm. While giving children ample opportunity to develop their interests, they should help them discover independence and experience failure.

Dear ones, you can use the guidance of a psychologist and psychiatrist to get information about parenting and the role of parents in the growth and success of a child. Of course, you don’t have to wait until you get the medical care you need as soon as possible to get these tips. You can do it online in the blink of an eye through the clinic.

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