20 Characteristics Of A Good Friend: Who Do You Call A Real Friend?

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Having a good friend is very important in life, it can make you successful and progress, good friends have a series of characteristics that distinguish them from others.

Features that only a good friend has

Surely, by reading this headline, you have remembered one of your close friends. This friend is definitely more like your sibling than your friend. You definitely feel like you have a blood relationship with this person.

Now you might want to see what things contributed to creating this inner feeling, that’s why in this part of Relationships, we point out the characteristics of a good and true friend.

  1. Kindness

Kindness is one of the main factors that indicate a good friend. We all have the experience of being able to get back on our feet with someone’s kindness in difficult times. The kindness of a good friend does not end easily and always affects you. A loving friend is aware of your needs and wants to meet them.

  1. Honesty

A good friend will never flatter you. He lets you know the truth, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Many people don’t want these friends, but a real friend will tell you the whole truth because he is honest with you. He doesn’t like to leave you in darkness and uncertainty and he has a sense of responsibility and duty towards you and is a true sympathizer.

  1. True self

A true friend does not try to make himself like you so that you like him. He comes to you as he is and shows you his true self. While his dreams may be different from yours, he does not try to change you or himself and accepts you and himself as you are.

  1. Adventurer

Being dull is a sign of lack of interest and lack of mental, emotional and physical motivation. A good friend is delighted with your excitement and fun and is with you.

He likes to accompany you on any adventure and will not turn your friendship into a boring one. His desire to experience the beauty and wonder of the world around him means that he is a great friend for you.

  1. Playful

Definitely a good friend is the basis of all your mischief. He likes to accompany you in everything and never stops you from having fun. Because he feels full of energy and happiness next to you.

These good friends make you smile and happy and they like to multiply their happiness by your side. So when they reach you, they become playful. With a good friend, you never think about the seriousness of the world around you.

  1. Careful

Good friends are those who take care of you like a mother or an older sibling. They are sensitive to your physical and emotional health and will never pass you by indifferently. They do not allow others to harm you with their behavior because they always consider it their duty to take care of you.

  1. Reliable

It has definitely happened to you that you see someone who you trust in the first place and you don’t know what the reason is, but then you see that you were wrong, but the case of a good friend is a little different.

Good friends win your trust with their behavior and actions, and building trust is achieved over time, not overnight. You see your good friend as a good person and you trust him more than anyone else.

  1. Cultivating

A good friend can nurture you like a mother. He pays attention to your eating, exercising, sleeping and behavior. He does not like you to harm yourself with wrong behaviors. Good friends are good friends, lovers, family, doctors for you and you feel high self-esteem with them.

9. Good listener

Kindness and compassion can become a good listener together. A good friend is completely silent and alert when you are in pain. A good friend is a good listener for your hopes, dreams, fears, dreams, silly and absurd thoughts or difficulties in life.

10. Assistant

A good friend is your support. If you are tired, he will help you and do your work as much as he can. If you need help with family members, he never hesitates. He will do his best not to harm you and to solve your problem as soon as possible.

11. Insight

Good friends understand before you say anything. They know your needs better than yourself. They know what makes you happy and what makes you sad.They play the biggest role in improving your mood because they have knowledge and insight into all your personality traits.

  1. Optimistic but not only in words

When you are sad and even cry because of sadness, a good friend will help you. He looks at the positive side of the story in these difficult moments and informs you of the good things you have. Of course, this optimism is not too supernatural and unnatural. It is quite realistic.

  1. Hon

These friends have the utmost respect for you and your family. They will not slander you under any circumstances. Even when you argue with him, he never loses respect for you and asks others to respect you.

  1. Embrace

He invites you to his warm embrace in all the hardships of life. He shows his love to you both physically and mentally. It has no rules to reject you and its arms are always open to you.

Characteristics of a good friend

  1. Acceptor

He opens his heart to you without expecting anything in return. He reduces the distance between himself and you as much as he can and always increases security in the relationship.

It will also travel the long journey of life with you.

  1. The ability to be self-actualized

If you are in a friendship where you can show your true self, that means you have a true friend. A true friend will accept you ugly or beautiful, good-natured or bad-tempered with any kind of culture and will never treat you in a way that makes you feel inferior to your true self.

  1. The ability to remain silent without blame or pressure from him

A good friend understands you better than anyone else, and as a result, he understands you when you want to be alone and does not disturb your solitude. He does not intend to enter your privacy and disturb it because he wants your real peace. After avoiding you and recovering, he welcomes you with an open face.

  1. Happiness after the event of good things

A good friend is happy with your happiness and sad with your sadness, and as a result, when you achieve success, he is as happy as you and your family and wants to share in this happiness. It doesn’t matter if this happiness is related to finding the right job, winning a competition, buying a device or anything else.

  1. Short but enjoyable conversations

Your conversation with a true friend is usually short but useful. This friend does not try to argue with you on various issues, because he wants to maintain a high-quality relationship, and on the other hand, when you are with him, you can talk to him about whatever you like, without Be afraid of being judged.

  1. Confronting you with your sabotages

A good friend can remind you of your mistakes to prevent future mistakes. He knows better than anyone about your faults and behavioral flaws, and as a result, he is the best person you can rely on to solve the problem.

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