The Best Ways To Learn And Teach Children

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Parents play an important role in teaching their children and by using the correct methods they can teach their children different subjects faster and better.

Correct methods of teaching children

In this part of the world of content about the wet child, we will tell you a comprehensive set of educational methods of a wide range of these methods. If you think that motivating your child is a difficult task, we are with you. Creating a specific program, planning study time, allocating study time on different subjects, identifying weaknesses and strengths, and other issues will be discussed in this article.

The correct way to teach children to learn everything

How and in what way to teach everything to our child

In addition to the mentioned cases, parents play an important role in the education of children. It is helpful to think about alternative aspects which will demotivate the child, for example: bullying at school, poor performance at school, and so forth. We also have special methods for parents, to identify where the problem is. Not sure about creating a pleasant place to study?
Do you need practical tips for exams?

Are you looking for professional advice with experts in the field of teaching for your preschool child?
Do you feel that your child needs to improve his vocabulary?

We will tell you realistic and proven methods for any possible concern that you or your child may face. Remember, academic education is not everything. For children, there is a colorful world beyond education and school.

Answers to important questions of parents about teaching children

Should I reward my child for doing his homework?

This question is one of the critical questions. The answer is yes as well as no. Encouraging is good if it is a reward for doing the child’s homework, for example, when he gets a good grade in exams, there should be a limit. Bribing a child can also be harmful, for example, when you promise to buy things that are very expensive. It is better that the rewards are like this. If he does his homework correctly and completely, eat out together, cook his favorite food, let him play, watch a movie, and rewards like that. That’s all well and good, as long as your dreams of your child’s education don’t overwhelm him, don’t force him to do anything for big rewards.

Effective methods in teaching children

Learning through play

Teaching children may be a bit difficult. For example: English grammar, mathematics, etc. Mixing games and short tests as a part of learning helps to make it simple and quick. For example, to improve vocabulary, you can write the letters of the alphabet on a number of papers and put them in a container. Ask each of the children to take one of them and say the maximum number of words according to their letters.

Home education – don’t rush

This is the first rule for parents who want to help their child at home, don’t rush and don’t force the child to do homework quickly. Also, teach your child not to rush when studying. If you do this slowly and consistently, you will achieve more successful results because you will help the child to understand the lessons.

The best methods for teaching and learning children

Teaching at home

Parents play an important role in their children’s performance in school. The first important rule of homeschooling is to be assertive. Part of teaching involves your child’s learning. For this you need to follow many things, read this article to get enough information.

How to study more effectively?

In fact, studying does not only include doing homework correctly, memorizing, following the schedule, etc. Learning is the most important part of the case. Getting a perfect score and passing exams without studying can only mean wasting time and effort. The effort you put into studying should end in learning. To learn more, increase your desires, this will help increase your knowledge.

Receive rewards and evaluation

We all need some kind of encouragement and approval to be great at something; Every child can improve if encouraged. In fact, the student can reward himself after completing the assignment. for example ; Eating at a restaurant or watching your favorite movie. Acknowledgment and encouragement in the form of rewards make children study with full concentration and more effectively.

Education that should be given to children

Having positive signs in the place of study

The board of signs with positive and encouraging words stimulates the person unconsciously and increases the learning potential in the person. You may need to think of a small board with some positive statements. Sentences like:
I have many resources for great success
Everything I do deserves the best results
Learning is simple and easy
I can

Have the right study tools

All school supplies at home should also be used Before you start studying, make sure you have all the supplies you need, for example, books, markers, charts, and writing supplies. If the supplies are not available, you will have to get up and bring them while studying, which will definitely disrupt the study. Make sure all necessary tools are readily available.

Choose a suitable place to study

We have already read about effective study. Here is a different approach to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your study time. Of course, having a positive and attractive environment will be important. And as you saw above, children need positive signs to increase their effectiveness. In addition, having a separate and special study environment, which is completely away from natural distractions, automatically increases the effectiveness and effort of students. . The study area can be a bedroom, study room, balcony or any other place that creates a good environment.

Study style

There are no rules for studying fast and hard. Most parents like to impose their favorite learning style on their children. Doing this is wrong; Because each person has his own learning style.

Get to know the characteristics of your child’s learning style

Kinetic learning

Students who learn through movement are called kinetic learners. This is exactly what it is about going deep into things, scrutinizing, researching, etc. They ask many questions, how did this happen? Why is the sky blue? Why is water salty? etc. Such children learn simply by facts and proof. If something is not properly understood or proven to them, they are not able to understand or remember it. However, such children can make a lot of progress in art, but unfortunately, students who are very dynamic, struggle a lot in school with the traditional teaching method, they do.

Visual learning

This type of learning teaches the child by looking at pictures. People who have visual learning have a very good memory and remember the images easily. The images in the brain of these children are like the images that you save on a CD or USB. They see the images quickly and then remember them They remember and it will never be erased from their memory. Surprisingly, 40% of children have visual learning.

Auditory learning

It is also called learning by ear. These learners remember sound and music better. However, they do not enjoy reading. Since these children are not visualized, they only remember important facts that they have heard before. Auditory learners remember people even years later just by hearing their voices.

The method of identifying children’s learning style

Do the following activity to identify your child’s learning style

Ask your children what they remember when they hear the name of dog or cat. You can ask the same question to adults. Some people remember the sound of a dog, which means they are auditory learners, while others may remember the image of a dog, which indicates that they are visual learners.
Also, some may think about the pronunciation of the word dog, (adults or growing children), this group is also classified under visual learning, and those who remembered the sharp teeth or the texture of the dog’s skin are kinetic learners.
We have seen three learning styles, and it should be known that every child has his own learning style. One teaching method and style is not suitable for everyone. To learn different things, a combination of styles is very important, for example, it is impossible to get all the necessary information in the exam session, just by remembering the sounds.

The role of parents in educating children

Parent involvement

According to studies, the children of parents or caregivers who are significantly involved in school education have shown better performance than other children. Parental involvement increases the child’s academic performance and creates a wave of positive attitude in children.

How to participate?

First, talk to your child every day and set aside enough time for this
Appreciate their efforts despite their low or average grades.
Have a positive relationship with your child’s teachers and parents.
Teach him the importance and value of education.
Pay enough attention to solve all school problems.

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