12 Things That Every Parent Should Know For Their Child

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Before having a child, all parents have mentalities that after having a child, nothing may go according to their wishes, so it is better to be prepared for this issue.

12 parenting traps that most of us don’t know about

Undoubtedly, before we become parents, we often think about how our lives will be when we have children, and we see people around us who are parents and we compare ourselves with them.

For example, we see a mother yelling at her child and we promise ourselves that we will never do that, or we see a father playing childish games with his little daughter and we wish we could be like him. to become But sometimes everything goes as we plan. It doesn’t work because of the traps that parents face and they don’t know about it. In this part of Cialiszmed, we will introduce these items to you.

We plan to give the children varied and healthy food

Many of us study different recipes and plan to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for our child every day and think that we have the energy to prepare three different meals for them during the day; But in reality, children grow up and we think to ourselves that it is not bad at all to put a regular bowl of soup in front of them every three days.

Our children as they are, let’s accept

Probably all of us would like to accept the true personality of our children; But when our child grows up and wants to drop out of university and go to work in art, will we accept such behavior? If our child does not want to study and go for sports and climbing, will we accept it? Probably not, because we all have limitations for ourselves and sooner or later we realize that we don’t accept what our children say and we want to raise them in a way that we like.

We handle all the tasks of our child ourselves

There is nothing wrong with taking help from a nurse or asking someone to help you raise your child. Being in a closed environment with your child 24 hours a day will definitely tire you. If you think that you can handle everything by yourself and you don’t need anyone’s help, you are very wrong, because everything will change after having a baby.

We are never late and we don’t wait for it

Why do you think to yourself that you are never late for your child at school? In fact, when you have a baby, you will be extremely busy, you will be stuck in traffic and you will have many worries, and you may be the last parent to go after your child, and this is never inevitable.

We don’t talk much about our children

You have definitely seen parents who only talk about their children. Of course, this is what most parents do in the first years of having children, but we think to ourselves that we will definitely not become like them and we will not force our friends to see our child’s photos and videos. But when we have a baby, we love our child so much that we can’t stop sharing his pictures or talking about him.

Our child should sleep in his own place

Maybe in our mental dream we think that if our child was sleeping in his room and had a scary dream, we can take him a glass of warm milk and put him back to sleep in his room. But in reality, we have no choice but to put our child to sleep with us.

We never give in to the child’s wishes

Children know how to trap us. Some of them cry and some of them get angry, and as a result, we give in to their wishes and provide them with what they want. So don’t think that you will never give up on your child.

We will teach our child good music, art and proper dressing

When we think about having a baby, we often plan for our child to listen to good music, watch good movies and wear good clothes. But sometimes our teenage child shows his own tastes in all these cases, which are completely incomprehensible to us.

During pregnancy and after, we take care of ourselves

Many of you see pictures and images of pregnant women and follow them after the birth of the baby and promise yourself that during pregnancy and after. Just like them, never have dirty hair and dirty clothes and always have a normal make-up on your face or do massage and oil massage every day. In case, when you are in the position of pregnancy, everything changes and you probably don’t wear anything but a loose and comfortable t-shirt.

We understand our child

How many times have you promised yourself that if you have a child, you will never fight with him in front of others and you will definitely join his childish games. Know that you are wrong. All parents get angry sometimes; Therefore, it is better not to think too dreamily and if you yelled at your wife and child, be sure to apologize to them and explain why you did it.

We can carry the baby independently

At first glance, we all think we are patient enough to let our children learn to do things on their own. For example, wash the dishes, tidy your room, and things like that; But in fact, after having children, we prefer to wash the dishes and tidy the rooms by ourselves faster, so that our work will be easier and simpler.

I don’t buy any children’s clothes for my child

You’ve probably already planned for yourself that your child will grow up soon, so you don’t have to buy him a lot of baby clothes because next year he won’t be in his size. If when you become a parent, you would like to try all the beautiful children’s clothes for your child, and in such a situation. You cannot resist your temptation.

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