Early childhood education

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Childhood thoughts on the future

The first and most important period of a person’s life is childhood, and he establishes a relationship with nature for the first time in this period, and begins his social relations and achieves a concept of himself. Childhood is very important in terms of quality and quantity. Childhood education is necessary for the development of physical, mental, emotional, religious and social abilities of the child. Childhood education is important from two points of view: 1- Children’s effectiveness of the educational environment. 2- Durability of learning effects in this era. The importance of childhood education is significant to such an extent that it is clearly visible in verses, hadiths, scientific researches and preschool educational programs. If childhood education is done in the best way in the early years, later successes are also possible.

Childhood education on intelligence

There is a direct relationship between the development and intelligence of children’s early experiences. For this reason, special attention should be paid to this period, the early and pre-primary years are important as formative years, which form the traits and characteristics of the child. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to childhood education and in order for the child to be on the right educational path, special importance should be given to his education from childhood. With the development of child psychology, preschool education has a great impact on the child’s mental development and academic progress.

Variables that affect childhood education:

Preschool :

A unit that was established by means of it and with the permission of the Ministry of Education to train children in preschool.

Preschool education:

Creating an environment to help the physical, mental, and emotional growth of children and to nurture children’s abilities and talents and to strengthen their physical strength to prepare them to study in elementary school and to prepare children to learn more concepts.

Academic Performance:

The meaning of academic performance is their grades in June exams.

What should be taught in childhood:

Every child is born with his own unique talent and intelligence, but in order for his talent to flourish, he needs. It is to be in a suitable educational environment. If the child has sufficient physical health but does not have the necessary training, it is impossible for him to speak or walk. There are characteristics that affect the child’s development, if they are not there, the child’s personality will not be formed properly, and parents should first recognize these characteristics and try to train them properly.

Skills that make early childhood education important:

The skill of saying no:

Among the skills that should be given a lot of attention in childhood education is the skill of saying no. Because the parents cannot take care of the child all the time, they have to train him in such a way that he can take care of himself by himself. A child who has courage can calmly defend his right without getting angry.

Self Confidence:

Self-confidence is directly related to the child’s behavior and feelings. In order for the child to have self-confidence, he should be appreciated realistically. Without exaggerating the positive behavior, we should focus on it and encourage the child, and we should be diligent towards his independence and the child should be responsible for his own actions.


The development of sympathy in a child is important for his emotional development. The more emotional intelligence is, the more it can improve the child by creating constructive interpersonal relationships. There are different ways to introduce children to sympathy, one of which is modeling for children and introducing them to feelings and the impact of behavior on them.

Can early education make a difference?

Among the childhood educations, we can mention preparation and preschool, and there are differences between children who have completed this course and children who have not completed this course, which can be mentioned as follows:

1- Duties and goals related to the person’s own skills

2- The goals and tasks related to receiving the correct image of oneself

3- Duties and goals of social communication

4- Duties and goals related to language development

5_ Getting to know nature and materials

6- Educational tasks and goals and preparation for learning

A one- or two-year preparation period can partially compensate for these deficiencies.

The importance of investing in childhood:

In the whole world, investments in educational programs are being formed for childhood education. Early childhood or preschool education can provide them with valuable skills. Investing in childhood education has four economic justifications according to Heckman‘s equation, professor of economics and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, which are:

1- Investing in early childhood education can prevent the achievement gap.

2- Education during this period improves health and medical achievements.

3- Investing in this sector can increase income.

4- Investing in childhood education is a profitable investment.

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