How Technology Has Changed The Education System: What Is Online Education?

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Until the beginning of the 21st century, education only took place in an educational environment with the presence of students and under the guidance of a teacher, and the physical presence of people was essential, and any other method of learning was at best questioned.

With the advent of the Internet and the increasing use of the computer and digital world, the landscape and methods of learning have changed fundamentally, and electronic education as a strong educational resource with many capabilities is a fierce competitor for traditional education today. Because learning is possible anywhere in the world and at any time, and it makes you feel as if you are sitting in a classroom.

So far, we have realized that any type of education and learning that takes place through the Internet and electronically and online is called online learning. In the future, stay with us to learn more about the concept of online learning and virtual education system.

What is online education?

Online education is one of the types of distance learning and it is a method of education that is carried out through the Internet in a completely virtual environment and is one of the most common and of course the best type of education that is widely used all over the world. .

In this new educational method, instead of being physically present in the classroom, the participants enter the class at a certain time and in a virtual environment remotely and only with a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet and internet connection. After completing online training courses, it is also possible to communicate with other learners and interact with them and observe or participate in discussions, lectures and presentations.

How online education works?

Online education is a new way of designing, compiling, presenting and evaluating learning topics that takes advantage of electronic capabilities and facilities in this direction and because users can receive their desired education from anywhere in the world and based on a schedule that fits their lives, nowadays it is the focus and use of the attention of many teachers and educational institutions and it is also one of the very basic and popular topics and uses on the Internet.

Online education is planned learning that takes place in separate environments. Therefore, in order to use it, it needs communication technologies that can provide designed rounds of learning in that platform. This environment often works with a web conferencing system that allows multiple users to connect to the Internet at the same time and participate in an online class wherever they are.

In this virtual environment, the instructor can communicate with the users through live audio and visual communication, the desired subjects in various formats such as videos, animated images, Word and Pdf documents, and students can also view the instructor online and use the software facilities. Used to receive educational topics in the best way.

Holding different types of webinars (live and online classes) and communicating with professors through chat and question and answer sites are also among the other available options for this type of education for users.

Why online education is better?

Let’s face it, when it comes to saving money and making the most of time, no training method can compete with e-learning.

When an opportunity to continue studying in another urban university or abroad comes to people, they first consider and measure all their financial, family, work, and even morale and temperament, and enter into this with a comprehensive examination or sacrifice one for the other. They become the path, because the staggering costs of living in a strange city or country, being away from home and family, or losing your current job, are more important to many than a college education.

The high school or university tuition fees and the purchase of expensive books should also be added to the above, and there are even people who have given up in the middle of the road and after completing several academic semesters, and despite all the expenses and enduring difficult mental conditions, it is not good to continue their education. And getting a degree is over.

The above conditions are familiar to many people and it is really hard to bear this amount of financial and psychological pressure to have a university degree. So what is the duty of those who are eager to learn and continue their studies to higher degrees? Does that mean we should really ignore that talent and taste? Definitely not!

Why online education is the future?

The only method that eliminates all these stressful and troublesome factors and helps, regardless of the physical distance from the place of study and from anywhere in the country or the world, learning has a constant presence in our lives, is electronic and online education.

The benefits of this type of training are not only for students or students, and if you are a teacher or professor who tries his best to keep his students active and dynamic, or you are busy designing training courses in a company. The benefits of online education in making production and delivery processes easier have a lot to say.

The joy of learning and teaching anytime and anywhere, home, work or travel, just by connecting to the internet and having a laptop or mobile phone, is not comparable to waking up early in the morning and traveling the distance to attend the classroom.

How online education is helpful?

Interesting learning

In designing and presenting the methods of this type of learning, various media are used along with fun and attractive game like methods, and students participate in the educational activity with more enthusiasm and interest; It is also effective in increasing the effectiveness of the time allocated to the discussed subjects.

Effective cost reduction

This advantage applies to both groups of teachers and students; Because they no longer need to spend extra money to buy the updated version of school or university textbooks, which usually become obsolete after a period of time, and all the contents of the courses are updated and the online version is at their disposal.

Effective learning with high efficiency

Due to the removal of all educational restrictions in this learning style, all audiences can easily access educational resources at any time. This peace of mind that any type of learning topic is always available to learners has a significant impact on greater concentration and educational effectiveness.

Also, with the advent of the Internet, the cooperation of companies and organizations has increased a lot around the world, and it is necessary to have a successful and profitable cooperation, to raise the level of knowledge and skills of the organization’s human resources. Training with the desired effectiveness for all these people is only possible with online and e-learning courses.

Holding various conferences

Professors and schools sometimes invite experts from different fields to give speeches in a conference hosted by them to increase the credibility of the course topics. This requires paying expenses for printing and sending invitations to the said experts and their flight and accommodation expenses.

In online learning, without paying a high cost for hosting, a lecture with a larger number of participants can be held virtually, using cameras and microphones, and for both groups of speakers and students, the interaction is the same as physical presence under one roof. Facilitate.

One of the significant advantages of online training is the ability to review all lectures at any time. Also, students who missed the opportunity to see the lecture can watch the recording at another time or watch it again for a better understanding of the topic.

What are the best schools of the future?

The best schools of the future are those that can eliminate physical and time distances so that anyone can take an online course at any time and place. If before this, only an educational material could be found in the form of a video or image or text on the Internet, today this issue has gone even further and learning any content is completely available to everyone.

Concepts of online virtual education

Virtual university

Virtual universities do not have a physical location, and students choose the courses they want and coordinate the hours and days of the classes through the university’s website.

Features of virtual university
    -Not needing the physical presence of the teacher and student in the class
    -The classroom is not dependent on a specific time
    -Higher quality of teaching lessons
    -Attendance of more students for a lesson
    easy access

Virtual class

The virtual class is actually a virtual space where professors and students must be present at certain times. The desired topics are taught in this space and students can raise their questions and problems in this space and discuss and exchange information with the professor and other students.

Virtual teacher

In online virtual education, professors do not have a physical presence, but they are responsible for users and students online, and they are responsible for teaching educational topics by preparing and presenting educational files.

Virtual students

A virtual student is a person who studies without physical presence in classrooms and needs to be familiar with how to work with computer systems as well as the Internet and websites.

Virtual tests

Online exams are such that students participate in a final exam at a certain time and for a certain period of time, and the topics they covered during the online course are tested.

Last word

Modern and new technologies based on the Internet have gradually found their place in human life today. Today’s world is no longer possible without imagining the use of these modern devices such as mobile phones and computers. Everything is moving towards becoming more mechanized and smarter, and little by little, a digital product has been created for every need and problem. The influence that the internet and virtual space has on the progress of human life today is undeniable. The impact that has made many users use it to search for different businesses, shop, communicate, acquire knowledge and learn.

Vienna’s online education system is a new way of providing all kinds of electronic and online education courses in both simultaneous and non-simultaneous methods along with complete management of the entire course. With this system, you can be anywhere safely, the training course is at your disposal.

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