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Reasons for divorce and the end of the marital relationship

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Divorce means the end of the relationship, the separation between the spouses and the loss of all rights that the husband and wife had towards each other. When the foundations of marriage and marital relationship collapse. Incompatibility and tension between spouses do not allow to live together, and divorce occurs. In most couples, this separation can be unfortunate and cause anxiety and fear, and sometimes it can also bring happiness. Of course, the impact of divorce, even emotional divorce, on children cannot be ignored. Children affected by divorce, even emotional divorce, have a high probability of suffering from anxiety, depression, and other problems.

Unfortunately, today we are witnessing a significant increase in the divorce rate in our society. So it is better to know more about her and the reasons for the divorce. Join us to explore the reasons that can destroy a marriage and lead to separation and divorce.

You don’t know enough before marriage

There are factors that failure to pay attention to can lead to the marital life facing many problems and even ending it. Many of these factors are related before marriage, which can be due to the parties’ lack of knowledge and lack of knowledge of the other party’s personality and behaviour. Therefore, it is better to get to know your husband first, look for the person who matches his characteristics and values, and definitely consider the criteria for choosing a spouse for marriage.

In short, what are the criteria that couples should pay attention to? They should be similar culturally, economically and socially to each other, consider the age difference, pay attention to each other’s appearance, each other’s habits such as the way they talk, dress, walk, etc. Pay attention and of course the financial conditions, how the money is spent and …

Boys and girls should know that your partner will not change after marriage. Even your insistence on changing your spouse can make her resist you, cause quarrels, arguments, anger, and even lead to your separation from her.


One of the most important causes of divorce, whether it is an emotional divorce or a legal divorce, is marital infidelity, and of course infidelity cannot be considered a reason for divorce, but it is a sign of approaching divorce, because in a relationship where infidelity occurs, it is likely that it will be a broken relationship and ends and feelings and love decrease between spouses. Examples of causes of infidelity include such things as neglect of appearance, lack of proper communication skills with a spouse, lack of regard for personal hygiene and personal hygiene, lack of concern for sexual needs, and not understanding the needs of others. Emotionally, he indicated indifference to the values ​​of the other.

There is no justification for cheating in married life. No reason can be given to allow a person to cheat on his wife. It should be noted that in some cases infidelity was not the main reason for divorce. (Because unfaithful couples usually have the ability to persuade each other and can delay that happening.) Instead, the loss of trust between spouses towards each other in marital life caused divorce.

In some cases, divorce or problems that put the marital relationship on the path to separation. It does not happen because of betrayal itself, but because of the illusion of betrayal.

Financial problems

Financial problems or poverty can also be another reason why couples decide to divorce more, happiness is less among couples who face many financial problems, and of course, in some couples who have big financial problems, if necessary, they will not have enough strength and Financial ability to use facilities such as counseling to save their lives.

Differences in personality, such as the stinginess of one spouse and the extravagance of the other, can cause many problems and differences for them, which will be the cause of further disagreements and differences between them.

Interfering with marital life

Another reason for divorce can be the interference of others in marital life, especially the interference of parents, the husband’s family and even friends. Many couples allow others to interfere in their lives with their behavior. From not protecting one’s privacy in front of others, not self-belief and self-confidence, financial and emotional dependence on family, and not keeping the boundaries of marital life, each can make others allow themselves to interfere in their lives, which is the same thing. It causes differences and even sets marital relationships on a path that leads to emotional divorce or formal divorce.

Duplication of each other

You must take care of the marital relationship and keep it new. Be sure not to repeat your words to your wife! Being new to each other in a marital relationship, in addition to creating a sense of importance and importance for your spouse, will also bring you emotionally close, in a relationship that has become frequent, romantic relationships have become the blackout. You go and this message is given to the other party that you are not important to me and this becomes the basis for emotional separation and possibly legal divorce eventually.

In order to get away from repeating each other, try to recreate the feelings and appearance in the early days of dating. Create diversity in your relationship, be creative, do not forget about loving conversations and interesting words in your speech. Take birthdays and wedding celebrations very seriously and take this opportunity to create a good feeling for you and your spouse.

violence in men

The increase in men’s violence against their wives is not enough to end the marital relationship. But it could be one of the reasons for divorce. With the persistence of the husband’s violent behavior towards his wife, a feeling of humiliation and the futility of marriage arises in the woman. This may lead to emotional divorce and legal divorce.

Given that in the past, women were more financially dependent on their husbands or benefited from less family support. The general community’s view of divorce was more reprehensible than it is today. They were willing to continue the relationship, but many women nowadays are less financially dependent on their husbands. They do not feel compelled to endure physical or mental violence from their husbands. If they cannot help their lives and improve the behavior of their spouses, they resort to divorce.

In dealing with these problems, the best option is to seek the help of an expert counselor to improve the behavior of the spouse and also to improve the relationship between the spouses.

Cold sexual relations

Sexual relations are very important in married life, and the lack of understanding in sexual relations and the coldness of one of the parties can be a factor in divorce and indirectly, with the occurrence of infidelity, can lead to divorce.

They misunderstand each other

Having the ability to know and understand the spouse to understand each other and respect the partner’s wishes is essential to the continuity of the marital relationship. Sometimes it may be seen that men or women, regardless of the status of their wives, have expectations of which it is very difficult or impossible for the wife to fulfill;

Couples should try to improve their relationship by knowing and understanding each other’s moods, each other’s attitude, and their reasonable expectations. When a man makes important life decisions without taking into account and consulting his wife’s opinion, a woman will definitely feel broken and worthless towards her husband. This will lead to emotional separation and even a legal divorce. If a man behaves with his wife in a way that destroys the will of his wife and her respect for her. There is a high probability that the divorce is the result of this type of behavior of the man.

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