Researchers have uncovered some habits that harm people’s mental health

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The damage to people’s mental health is done in ways that are unfortunately becoming more common today. Many habits can harm mental health. Mental problems in every area have caused a lot of damage to families. Apart from personal problems and family injuries, there are also problems such as depression and anxiety. Families also play an important role in breaking bad habits in people. Although, according to many people, it is easy to quit bad habits. But you should know that once you get used to something, it will be difficult to let go.

There are various disorders in psychology

The disturbances are not always physical. Mental disorders sometimes cause more harm to people. Sometimes in our societies, people start taking drugs due to various stresses. Drugs are very dangerous and cause harm to people’s mental health. Unfortunately, today’s youth are severely addicted to drugs and suffer serious injuries. Psychological problems are one disorder that can be associated with bad habits. Next, we want to see how researchers uncover some habits that cause harm to people’s mental health.

Stress, recovering from depression, and quitting bad habits

We all know that stress is one of the most common problems of all people. Stress in life leads to progress to some extent. Now, if this pressure is more than usual, it will be harmful. Indeed, in any task, if you repeat it too often, one day it will annoy you. There are different types of stress. In continuation of this article, which was written on Hamada’s website as the first and largest psychological counseling center in Iran and a provider of counseling and psychological services, we would like to talk to researchers about some habits that harm people’s mental health. They revealed, let’s talk.

Ways to quit bad habits that harm people’s mental health

Have you ever analyzed your life and thought about letting go of the bad habits that you have in life? Everyone has these annoying little things that can be harmful to you or those around you. They say you can’t teach old people new tricks. But there has to be a way to let go of all those toxic behaviors that you’ve learned all your life. You and those around you will walk in circles in the same direction until the path of life accelerates.

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You quickly realize how powerful motivation in life is, especially when it depends on getting rid of bad habits. You can use this measurement to control certain behaviors in your life. When you’ve been doing something in one direction for years, it’s hard to turn 180 degrees and create new habits. However, if you learned anything about the vortex effect as a child, you know that you can eventually change the course of your life. You have to be strong enough to fight the odds.

Some ways to quit bad habits to prevent harm to people’s mental health

The good news is that with a little effort and determination, you can get rid of all those bad habits that are holding you back. Here are some ways to break bad habits to become a new and better person.

Accept that there is a problem, so you can start to forget the negative ways

The first step to breaking bad habits is admitting there is a problem. Let’s say you’ve been smoking for years. It is not easy to quit such a habit to prevent harm to people’s mental health. Primarily if you use it to deal with stress. It will be hard to change unless you accept that smoking is wrong. Some people see no harm in smoking a cigarette or a cigarette a day as it helps their mental health. Even if you know, it’s a bad habit. It will still be an uphill battle.

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Perhaps the amount of money to use cigarettes is low and that can be a driving force. Think about what you can do with all that extra money. You want your body to be positive and putting toxins and harmful substances into your body will not achieve that goal.

Know your triggers to prevent harm to people’s mental health

Perhaps you want to control your anger because it is a terrible habit that is causing you problems. Once you admit you have a problem, the next step is to find out why it happened. Maybe things like watching a football match make you look angry when your team loses. Until you learn other ways to break bad habits in this situation, you’ll want to avoid soccer.

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Perhaps every time your husband goes shopping, you are stunned that he is spending so much money.

Researchers have uncovered some habits that harm people’s mental health

The above topic underscores a short but powerful point of what many of us think daily but never say. We live in a world where almost everything is within our reach using technology. However, mental health problems are on the rise. Compared to our ancestors, we have a very good condition. We have air conditioning when it’s hot and we also have a delivery service that can pick up dinner and deliver it to our door. We also have machines that wash our clothes for us. We don’t have to work hard for things anymore, but we have less free time and more stress. This paradox of dissatisfaction may seem confusing, but when you look a little deeper, it all makes sense.


We’ve created a world where we don’t really thrive, which in turn is detrimental to people’s mental health. Our lives are easier thanks to technology, but an easy life isn’t always the best. Humans need fresh air, sunlight, natural food, exercise, and human contact to thrive. Modern life does not provide these things easily, so the damage to people’s mental health is high.

Below we go into more detail about the habits and lifestyles that can lead to poor mental health. Here are some habits that are detrimental to people’s mental health:

“Modern life is not good for mental health.”

Jan Tong, sociologist

They don’t move their bodies enough

We have more health care, but less health than ever before. Now you hear about people with heart problems, diabetes, and other health conditions at a younger age, and our modern lives may be to blame. Years ago, before we had all these machines and facilities, we actually had to work to get food, water, and shelter.


We lived close to nature, which by default requires us to move around to get what we need. Now, we live in big cities where we don’t have to do anything. Except for getting in the car and driving to the grocery store to get food, and working long hours in offices to pay for the road.

Aside from causing a decline in physical health, lack of activity increases anxiety and harms people’s mental health. Exercise releases endorphins that help improve your mood, and which can combat the two most common mental health problems we see today: anxiety and depression.

They buy a lot of things they don’t need

Humans are easily influenced by the habits of those around us, and unfortunately, many people buy things they don’t really need, either out of habit or to fill a void in their lives. However, studies have shown time and time again that more “things” can never buy happiness. In fact, accumulating a lot of things we don’t need can cause anxiety and stress. Research shows that not buying some items with less use can increase happiness. Because people are more connected to what they do than what they can use.

The damage to people’s mental health means that they do not prioritize sleep

You guessed it right: lack of sleep and anxiety are directly related to each other. We need good sleep to function, but modern life doesn’t focus so much on sleep. Technology, stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, and many other factors can contribute to inadequate sleep, which can exacerbate mental health problems. Not to mention that all the caffeine we drink throughout the day to keep us alert can also lead to poor sleep at night.

They use smartphones and technology in general a lot

Unsurprisingly, mobile phone technology is beginning to emerge, and so is the damage to people’s mental health. A study found that people who spend a lot of time on social media are more likely to be depressed.


Before smartphones, people were talking more face-to-face and having deeper conversations. Because there weren’t many distractions. Now, we are more distracted than ever, less present and distracted in the real world. Because of the world that is constantly connected to technology, we are less connected to ourselves and to the people around us. Unfortunately, this disconnect between us and reality has led to an epidemic of anxiety and depression.

They don’t spend enough time outside

We desperately need nature to live, and yet we seem to have built a world that does not set us against it. This does not make much sense. A lack of sunlight means a lack of vitamin D in your body, an essential nutrient that helps regulate your mood and immune system. Additionally, studies show that people who walk in parks rather than city streets are calmer and less frustrated.

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