A few signs you’ve found true love, not just attraction

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True love is a need we all want to experience. Finding true love is a bit complicated and difficult. Everyone wants to be loved by others. Gravity means something different to everyone. These definitions can be used to track different treatment or prevention options. In today’s article we want to talk about some of the signs that you have found true love, not just attraction. Relationships play different roles in all people. Some people consider marriage and relationships a simple matter and others take their relationships hard. What kind of thinking each person has in their relationships can have an impact on their life. Relationships between people have different tips and rules.

Rules in relationships and finding true love

Anyone who can properly implement these rules can improve in the future of their relationships. Romantic attraction occurs in different ways in different people. Next, we want to see what this Law of Attraction means to each person and what effects it can have. In continuation to this article that was written on Hamada’s website as the first and largest psychological counseling center in Iran and a provider of counseling and psychological services, we would like to talk about some signs that you have found true love, and not just let’s talk about magic.

Sexual attraction and the law of attraction

As you probably guessed from the name, sexual attraction is when your attraction to someone is based on sexual desires, a process known as lust.

Relationships with consent and without consent and their relationship to the law of attraction

Is this a bad thing? of course not. As long as there is satisfaction between you and that you are practicing safe sex, having casual encounters and having sex is not a bad thing and can enhance your relationship experience. It is only dangerous for people who do not agree with each other.

Questions to ask yourself before looking for true love

There are very few things in the world greater than true love. Some people don’t love their partner as much as they should. It’s not about obsessing over someone or anything the media is trying to tell you about love. Consider these questions to see if you are ready for true love and to recognize the signs of true love.

Have I communicated with myself appropriately enough to consider someone else?

If you can’t stay alone for long, that’s not a good sign. You need to be able to be completely comfortable with yourself and love your partner before looking to connect with others. If you have not been out of the relationship for a long time, then you need to make sure that you are healthy, which means healing the old hurt. It also means learning to love yourself. Spend time looking for lessons in true love and treat yourself right. Then you will know who is best for you because they will treat you the way you treat yourself.

Do I love true love because it makes me feel?

Love is not necessarily about how someone makes you feel. True love is deciding to love someone. He also looks out for his best interest no matter how you are feeling at any given moment. True love is a kind of sacrifice. If the love is true, you can deal with difficult problems.

Am I healthy enough to love someone else?

No one will be perfect, but you should at least be honest and comfortable with yourself. This will make you admit that you have a specific problem. Then, you must be willing to learn a healthy way of dealing with things. That’s all it takes, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Feeling like a true lover means being vulnerable with your partner. Let everyone see you and show you love. If your pain and fear cause you to engage in unhealthy behaviors, you will hurt your partner and should not enter the relationship.

Do i love myself ?

You cannot love another person if you do not truly love and accept yourself. When you treat yourself properly, you can treat others properly. If you don’t truly love and accept yourself, you won’t treat your partner with respect, honesty, or anything else because you will naturally hurt them with your own selfishness.

What do I have that will benefit another human being?

Don’t get into a relationship to satisfy your needs. You get into a relationship and wonder if you have something that will benefit your partner. It’s not about your body or anything physical. You must have an open heart, be careful and have other qualities. This will bring out the best in your true love.

Do I have enough value for myself to connect with a healthy person?

If you don’t value yourself enough to be with a healthy person, you won’t have true love. Being with an unhealthy person ends up in a one-way relationship where you give everything and take everything. This relationship is not worth it because you sell everything and are in so much pain. You don’t do your partner any favors and you engage them in lies. If you truly love someone, you will let them face their own consequences in order to become better.

Am I ready to connect with my partner?

There is a certain amount of time that you need to spend communicating with your partner in order to progress. But you also have to maintain your individuality.

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A few signs you’ve found true love, not just attraction

Attraction and love are two completely different things. Believe it or not, it’s not always clear when someone likes someone. Is it love or something else? What are the signs of finding true love?

The usual answer to all of the questions above: “Know when you’ll find all of these answers.” The problem is that this answer, while odd, is completely wrong for some of us. The main reason is an important point – that “people differ in the degree to which they identify and differentiate their emotions.” Then the question arises: “How do I know if I feel love or something else?”


A wealth of research on love and relationships helps provide a “scientific” glimpse into what distinguishes love from “other feelings” — such as attraction — for some of us. So, what does science say about what separates true love from “other things”? Here are some signs that you have found true love:

“Where there is love there is life”.

~ Gandhi

You always look into their faces or eyes

Eye contact is a strong predictor of romantic feelings and is the main difference between lust and love. When you’re in love, empirical studies show that a person’s visual attention is more focused on the other person’s facial features, including the eyes.

Meanwhile, a person in a state of lust directs his gaze toward the body. Considering that “looking at the body” is a visual interest before and during intercourse.

You willingly sacrifice

When we have true love, we are more willing to help out with “most things.” Self-sacrifice and love are often an integral part of a couple being happy in love. Psychologists call these sacrifices “signs of costly commitment,” which are defined as “behaviors that require a significant sacrifice, perhaps of time, emotion, or financial resources—for example, leading a partner on a date or making a gift.”


On the contrary, the absence or absence of “signs of commitment” in a relationship is a sign of either (a) lust or (b) indifference. Either way, love is almost non-existent.

Replace “I” with “we” in a relationship

The words a person uses when describing an emotional interaction are usually an accurate measure of how they feel about that person. So, if you’re not sure how someone feels about you, pay attention to their words – especially words and phrases that tend to repeat themselves.

The use of language-specific collective words, such as “we,” is often used when referring to someone we like. Single words such as “I” are usually used less often. However, it is important to use these words to create true love in such situations. You’ll find that these words are often used for scenarios that involve improving your relationships.


To express interest, here’s a personal example: Suppose in a relationship, a person notices that as the relationship progresses with his partner, he uses the words “our apartment” instead of “my apartment.”

You’re okay with some dependency

Before we get to the fourth sign of true love – here’s a tip: character is very important. We are all familiar with two types of public personalities: introverts and extroverts. The former requires much more time alone than the latter, even in romantic relationships. (However, they both usually need less time alone before experiencing love.)

Regardless of such circumstances, the evidence suggests that people “who are highly motivated to increase intimacy – such as those who are in love – no longer have a negative view of attachment to their loved ones”.

You realize you lost this person

Celebrity relationship expert Helen Fisher says that true love – on the inside – is a biochemical experience. That is, the brain’s reward system is activated when you do something very enjoyable (such as drinking alcohol, exercising, playing a fun game).


Physical attraction also reinforces what psychologists call binary bonding. Or, as biologists define it: “The intense bonding that arises between a pair consisting of a male and a female, or in some cases as a same-sex pair. Also, this process is likely to lead to the birth of children.”

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